Target the entire trajectory of your communications with
Boomerang!™ dynamic media solutions.

These powerful tools are much more than a brochure or postcard… by directing a customer to an exclusive URL, Boomerang!™ dynamic media solutions allow you to pinpoint the course of your communications, then track the data it delivers upon return.

Featuring ONLY Tier 1, Grade A Flash memory chips that 100% guaranteed for quality, Boomerang!™ dynamic media solutions are programmed to your specifications, and simple for the customer to use.

  • Easy: No long URLs to type
  • Targeted: Customized content for your specific audience
  • Tracked: Analytics provide key data such as age, gender, industry, purchase power, engagement, ROI, and campaign effectiveness

Both Mac and PC compatible, AJ Media’s Boomerang!™ dynamic media solutions can be less expensive than flash drives, yet still provide ultimate flexibility for design and production. These are excellent options to launch creativity and capture results.